More than 35 years ago, we built our business in a small New England town and that's where we've stayed.

In that time, ICP has developed and offered unique products for solving difficult chimney draft problems. Our strong background in chimney technology and metallurgy has resulted in ICP being recognized as one of the country's most respected and trusted sources for chimney products and problem-solving information.

William C. Paynton, a metallurgical engineer who saw the practical need for solutions to chimney draft problems, established ICP in 1971. He is well-known throughout the industry for his lecture series about the metallurgy of stainless steel and the fluid mechanics of chimney draft.
Our engineers are ready to speak with you at any time about your special requirements, to resolve particular needs, or to troubleshoot difficult chimney draft problems. Please call whenever we can be of assistance.

Richard C. Paynton, with ICP for over 25 years, offers exceptional problem-solving abilities. Along with his expertise in chimney technology, materials, and construction, Rich is a knowledgable and valuable source for real-time information.
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