We've assembled a list of some of the questions we are frequently asked. Check back often as we will be adding new questions and answers all the time.
QUESTION: When installing a Vacu-Stack, should I have the unit face a particular direction to achieve the best results?

ANSWER: The Vacu-Stack is just as effective no matter which direction it is facing.

QUESTION: I know that only austenitic stainless steel should be used for liners and caps. How can I be sure the material I'm using is austenitic stainless steel?

ANSWER: Use a common magnet or request one of our free stainless steel magnetic testers. If the magnet is attracted to the material you are using, it is NOT austenitic and should NOT be used.

QUESTION: I need a cap that will combat the effects of high winds and frequent rain. Is there a cap that will help solve this problem?

ANSWER: Yes. Our StormShield cap is designed for this purpose and uses a stainless steel band around the outside of a WeatherShield to keep rain out and limit the effects of wind. It's available for air cooled and non-air cooled chimneys.

QUESTION: Can the Vacu-Stack be installed underneath a stone cap or other manufactured cap already on the chimney?

ANSWER: This is not recommended in order to obtain maximum efficiency from the Vacu-Stack.

QUESTION: What type of silicone should be used during installation?

ANSWER: We recommend using PURE silicone available at any hardware store. Mixed silicones are not as effective.

QUESTION: What tools do I need to install a Vacu-Stack or WeatherShield?

ANSWER: For a Vacu-Stack, pure silicone, 2 9/16" open end wrenches, and gloves are all that is needed. Same for WeatherShield, except the wrenches are not needed.

QUESTION: How tight should the wingnut be on the top of the WeatherShield?

ANSWER: Tight, but do not over-tighten. Also, a little silicone around it when you are tightening it will minimize the chance of any leakage.

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