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The products and services we provide are based on established science and technology. Having a knowledge of some of these principles is essential to understanding why chimney draft problems occur and what solutions are available to eliminate them.

ICP has developed various technical data pages to assist you in gaining this understanding.

How Vacu-Stack® Works
This is a discussion of atmospheric pressure and why the Vacu-Stack® has proven to be so effective in reducing wind-related downdraft problems.

Demo of how Vacu-Stack® Works
This compact demo unit shows customers exactly how the Vacu-Stack® promotes positive draft when the wind blows.

Why Using Different Stainless Steel Alloys Is Important
Geographic location, aesthetic concerns, and many other considerations go into selecting the proper type of stainless steel for a particular application.
Understanding UL Testing and Regulations
Safety is of utmost importance in our industry and an understanding of UL testing procedures is essential.
Terminology and Definitions
For a successful discussion of chimney draft problems and their solutions, it is important to clear the air about industry terminology that can sometimes be confusing.
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